Glasses half full – and hoping for a top up!

We’re getting in touch this week with a truckload of gratitude for all those who have already booked to showcase trucks at Convoy in the Park and Convoy Cymru, and for those who have booked visitor tickets. Thank you!

We really appreciate your support and for sharing our optimism that we can have a whole host of outdoor fun in August at Donington Park and in October at our Pembrey Circuit debut!

We also thought it might be worth answering the most asked question we’ve had so far here, which is:

Q: What will happen if an event is postponed or cancelled?

Our answer:

Alongside pangs of disappointment, you will get issued with tickets for the new date, or if you can’t make that for whatever reason, a full refund. No fuss!

So, go ahead and put Convoy in the diary safe in the knowledge you have nothing to lose!

To find out the answers to some of our other most asked questions, please head over to the FAQs page of our new website

Hopefully, we’ve covered everything from kids coming free to why dogs can’t join in, and everything in between! Please let us know if there’s anything we have missed!

And if you’re a movie fan, head over to our social channels where there’s been some quite lively debate on the merits of some fantastic films!

Take care out there, truckers.

Team Convoy

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